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2188KT/3188KT series nozzle

2188KT/3188KT series nozzle
2188KT/3188KT series nozzle2188KT/3188KT series nozzle
  • Product Type: Adjustable nozzle
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Products Information

2188KT/3188KT series nozzle consists of nozzle body, screw cap and adjustable ball spray tip.  adjustable ball spray tip. The nozzle body is connected with the pipe, and the screw cap is assembled with the you can change the spray direction to get the best spray effect.
We provide you with standard type 2188KT nozzle and large type 3188KT nozzle. The large type 3188KT nozzle is used in large passage and large surface equipments don't have to install many standard type nozzles.
Material of 2188 series nozzle: PP, PPS, PVC, PVDF, SS, Brass.
Flow rates: 3.9-1000L/M.
spray pattern: flat fan& full cone