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2000Y Mixing Eductor

2000Y Mixing Eductor

2000Y Mixing Eductor
2000Y Mixing Eductor2000Y Mixing Eductor2000Y Mixing Eductor
  • Product Type: Mixing Eductor
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: 2000Y
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Products Information

Mixing Eductor

Effective, economical way to circulate liquids in closed or open tanks
No moving parts
Inherently clog resistant
Available in both plastic and metal construction.
Nozzle operation creates multiplying effect on fluid flow; the volume of discharge liquid will be 3-5 times greater than the motive liquid pumped.

Constructed of carbon fiber -glass-reinforced Polypropylene of SS316
Maximum operation temperature 120íŠ,300íŠ for stainless steel.
Corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

Provide a homogeneous fluid mix without the use of air agitation precluding oxidative decomposition of air agitation of the solutions.
Improve circulation of the turbulent flow and optimized mixture of the solutions.
Assures uniform mixture of solutions and improve product quality.