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Nozzle Quality Inspection and Damage Reasons


Nozzles are widely used in electronics, paper-making industry, textile industry, vehicles, container, food plants, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Then how to check the quality when purchasing nozzles? What are the reasons of nozzle damages? Dongguan JieTexi Nozzle Factory is a manufacturer which is specialized in research and development of various industrial nozzles (nozzle, fan nozzle, conical nozzle, atomizing nozzles). We have strong technical force, advanced production technology and complete detection equipment. Now we will tell you the quality inspection and cause of nozzle damage.
Nozzles need to be repaired, periodic inspection, cleaning or replacement in order to ensure final product quality and maintain the economic benefits during the production process. The manner and frequency of maintenance procedures depend on usages. JieTexi Nozzle Manufactory suggests arranging maintenance program on the basis of the use, liquid and nozzle materials.

Dongguan JieTexi Nozzle Manufactory found the following seven common causes of spray nozzle problems after years of research:

a) Corrosion and wear: The materials on nozzle spout and flow passage surface become larger or deformed, which affects the flow, pressure and spray pattern.

b) Corrosion: The spray liquid or chemical action of the environment causes corrosion, which will damage the nozzle material.

c) Block: The dirt or other impurities in the liquid block the nozzle mouth, thus restricting the flow of the nozzle and interfere with the spray shape and uniformity.

d) Bond: The evaporation of liquid result in splash mist or chemical stacking interactions inside the nozzle mouth or outside the edge of materials, which leaves a dry solidified layer, blocking the nozzle orifice or internal flow passage.

e) Temperature damage: Overheating will cause sort of damaging effects on non-high-temperature nozzle materials.

f) Improper installation: The washer deviated from the axis, excessive tight or the other location changes will cause adverse effects.

g) Accidental damage: The incorrect use of tools may accidentally cause damages to nozzles during installation and cleaning.

These are views summed up according to Dongguan JieTexi Nozzle Manufactory’s years of experience. We hope it can help the purchasers.