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Innovative spray nozzle dramatically cuts drift


The Air Bubble Jet, manufactured by JTC Spraying&Purification Technology co.,Ltd., is a spray nozzle with a satisfying twist.

Whereas conventional nozzles can be susceptible to wind and subsequent drifting of liquid from the desired spray area, the Air Bubble Jet significantly reduces this by producing a more focussed range of spray droplets.

Not only does the nozzle provide a more cost-effective investment through improved product efficacy, it also allows category B chemicals to be sprayed to within one metre of a water course.

The Air Bubble Jet is offered in a wide range of sizes and is simple to fit, clean and remove.

How does it work?

The nozzle works by the spraying liquid creating a vacuum that causes air to be sucked in through slots in the device. This mixture of air and liquid then passes through the mixing chamber, where it is compressed and finally sprayed through the fan nozzle.

The emitted spray contains large droplets filled with air bubbles and virtually no fine, drift-prone droplets.

What are the benefits?

The Air Bubble Jet has a number of benefits in comparison with conventional spray nozzles:

  • Provides more spraying day opportunities as less affected by wind
  • Produces superior coverage with consistent droplet size
  • Category B chemicals can be sprayed to within one metre of water course
  • Nozzle is excellent at low water rates