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3777QHF air shower nozzle

3777QHF air shower nozzle
3777QHF air shower nozzle
  • Product Type: Air Filter & Filter Cartridge
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: 3002
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Products Information

.3366QHF cold air shower nozzle(adjustable) is consist of spray orifice, internal and external bellmouth and fixed flange, a gasket was installed between two bellmouths ,as per V=F/S rules, the S is small, the V will be large, so the diameter of inlet and outlet is digressive design, in order to concentrate flow rate and improve the speed. We made them with metal, ss310 also is available.
Dia. of orifice:  40-50mm, 60-70mm, 80-100mm
Orifice can be customized as per your requirement
3777QHF air shower nozzle