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  • Product Type: FFU& Fluidizing plate
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: 2024Price Terms: FOB, CIF
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Products Information

Detailed specification: 
Fluidization plate 2024 is consist of supra polymer composite vinyl group material which import form American, it
features anti-static electricity after modified, and widely used  on fluidized bed and powder spraying , chemical
resistant and water-proof ,long use life
Outer shape can be round and square
Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,20mm
Size can be customized as per requirement.
Venting precision:1-2um 
Performance data of round Fluidization plate

Spec. Material Thickness Resistance  Air permeability Breaking strength Bend tenacity Density
310*10T  vinyl group 10mm 2.82Kpa >72m³/H >23.8kg/50cm <0.2mm/10kg/50cm 0.935g/cm³
360*15T  vinyl group 15mm 3.15kpa >72m³/H >23.8kg/50cm <0.2mm/10kg/50cm 0.935g/cm³
400*10T  vinyl group 10mm 2.82kpa >72m³/H >23.8kg/50cm <0.2mm/10kg/50cm 0.935g/cm³